Are you a serial dater? Take our questionnaire and find out!!!

Serial Dater [sē rēz dāt-әr] noun. A person who has no qualms to date two or more people at the same time; can be both Masculine and feminine in gender.

Synonyms: double-dipper; player, womaniser

1. During the past year, you have been in three ‘relationships’ and your currently angling for your fourth= +8 points.

2. You are of the opinion that ‘we all need to keep out options open’ in a relationship=+3 points.

3. You feel that the ‘Tiger Woods saga’ was more of his enemies trying to get at him=+8 points.

4. You have spent years honing your ‘girl radar’ and can tell when there’s a new girl on the block from miles away=+4 points.

5. You have Jay Zs ‘On to the next one’ as a ringtone=+2 points.

6. Your definition of a long-term relationship is one that lasts for 6 months=+9 points.

7. Your friends generally don’t like you around their sisters=+10 points.

8. You don’t allow your sisters to hang out with any of your male friends=+10 points.

9. You believe that there’s someone, somewhere out there for you to eventually marry, but in the meantime you ‘drop it like its hot’=+12 points.

10. You call all of your girlfriends ‘babe’, not necessarily as a term of endearment but more like a ‘get out of jail’ card just in case you mix up the names of your current girlfriends=+16 points.

I created this questionnaire for fun mostly but there was also a time when a particular guy, in a relationship, who had introduced me to his gf, suddenly backtracked and suddenly 'wanted to show me a good time'..

I personally believe that any score greater than 2 is way off but what do you guys think? And also, what question do you think I may have missed??

Have a good weekend xx


Toinlicious said...

Lmao. Hilarious quiz list. "girl radar"? really? ok now.
As for #7, i tot that was generally wat guys did. er well.
#10 is soo not cool.

Gee said...

For #7, I think guys will protect their sisters from their friends, but will allow them to date if they are sure their friend's intentions are honourable- just my opinion oh!

And yeah #10 is just wrong!!

Che said...

LOL...I so do not understand why people will indulge in #2. Where is the trust in relationships if you have to keep your options open. *smh*. As for #10, such guys are just a**holes. (sorry for the swear word):-)

Gee said...

I think #2 can de done by both sexes.. I think it stems from a place of uncertainty (i'm not making excuses) and insecurity as well...

#10 is just wrong!!!

perfumes for less said...

Definitely i am at no double dater, but most of my guy friends are! :)

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