otherwise called stop trying to help God...

I know I'm guilty of trying to 'help God' in a lot of areas in my life. A friend of mine visited yesterday and as we gisted she reminded me of the freedom, peace and trust that comes from completely relying on God. The business of trying to 'help' God is not the easiest thing in the world, its very hard!!

Cause you have to constantly think up and rethink up stuff when the plans go awry and the like.Now, I'm not advocating that we all just sit down and relax and 'let God sort us out', we have to get on with what He's called us to do.. I got sent this poem in Uni and I think it explains better the stuff I'm trying to pass across. I'm not entirely sure you wrote the poem (someone said Lauretta Burns)

As children bring their broken toys 
   with tears for us to mend, 
I brought my broken dreams to God, 
because He was my friend. 
But then, instead of leaving Him, 
in peace, to work alone; 
I hung around and tried to help, 
with ways that were my own. 
At last, I snatched them back and cried, 
"How can you be so slow?" 
"My child," He said, 
"What could I do? 
You never did let go."

Like I said, its not the easy to 'help God' but its even harder to let go of the reins and trust in His divine plan for your life; to trust that He loves you too much to let you fail; to trust that He will never leave you or abandon you. But I choose to surrender everything and let Him do His perfect work in me.....


Che said...

I like the wordings of the song. I need to give myself to God, so He can use me. (I miss being in the choir). I need to constantly tell myself this babe. I need to quit worrying and just trust Him. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. *winks*. Thanks for sharing.

Toinlicious said...

Hey girl, been a while. Hope you're good. You have been tagged in the Elevens. Please check my blog for details

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