When two sleepaholics collide

I love sleeping :-) I unashamedly write it down as one of my hobbies till this day! My family and close friends will attest to this fact as well. They may also regal you with tales of how difficult it is to pull me away from this great love of mine, i.e. wake me up.

I had a feeling when I was younger that my siblings used to pull straws for who will have the privilege (read: unsavoury experience) of trying to wake me up. My all time trick then was to tell whoever was sent to wake me that I was up but wanted to pray first and then I’ll kneel down and start praying and then sleep off again (hides head in shame)!! And then, if my sibling accuses me of sleeping rather than praying, I will insist that I was still praying and ask them to prove it.... and that argument could continue for a long while!

I also remember another sleeping episode in boarding schools when burglars came into the house (I think it was purple house) which was next to mine, and everybody in my house woke up and ran out of the dormitory screaming in case they decided to come to my house as well, and I slept right through loads of girls’ screaming and the robbery. The girls in my room returned to find me still sleeping...

I do feel that I have gotten a lot better with the waking up bit in recent years. Though, some friends may say otherwise but I’m able most days to get up in time to catch the bus for work with the aid of two to three alarm clocks without any of the said clocks coming to any harm.

But the boot got firmly fitted on the other leg last weekend when I went to Alton towers with a friend of mine, Buchi. I had previously stayed at hers for a couple of weeks when I newly moved to Wales but she was still at Uni then so didn’t need to get up early while I was working and had to set two to three alarms to get up in time to catch my bus. So I had no clue that she was a sleepaholic like me!

So fast forward to last weekend, and we are in an unfamiliar town and need to go catch a bus to take us to Alton towers and Buchi refuses to stand up from bed.

I try everything,

Calling her phone so she thinks she has a call and wakes to answer it, she doesn’t budge..

Putting on all the lights in the hotel room, nothing..

Repeatedly calling, pleading, cajoling, threatening... she doesn’t even stir and only mutters that she’s on holiday and I should stop disturbing her...

In that one moment, I had my epiphany and suddenly realised that this is what my family and friends have gone through with me in trying to get me to wake up early for school, church, social events, fellowship... I had to stop my ‘getting Buchi to wake up’ efforts for a minute or five to quickly mutter an apology to all the people who had every tried to wake me up in the distant past and I will say it again,

To everyone who tried one way or the other, using various techniques to get me up from bed, I say that I understand your frustrations and I will like to say sorry for the grief I caused :-)!!

As for the Alton Towers visit, Buchi finally got up and although we did miss our bus, we finally got to Alton Towers and had a lovely time!!

An update

Apologies for the time away, you who occasionally pass by... I never intended to be away for this long, it just kind of happened- kept on meaning to write something and kept pushing it back or in some instances, coming up with nothing worth writing about.. 

I came to the point where I wasn't sure if writing a blog was for me and I wanted to spend time and review why I blog- my blog started as an outlet for my poetry and then drifted off into a place where I share my experiences and thoughts. I still have loads of experiences and thoughts to share so I guess I'll still be here for the time being :-) 

A lot has happened since I was away- the London Olympics- went to see the women's football match between Great Britain and Cameroon, and even got interviewed by BBC World service cause my friends and I were the only Cameroun supporters; I got a lot of flack on Facebook for carrying a Cameroonian flag but like I said to the flack-dishing folks, I'm African, get over it!! 

The by-product of the Olympics is my resolve to get into playing some form of sports, I occasionally play table tennis at work but I was looking for something more cardio-intensive; I had previously tried both tennis and squash and that didn't go too well, so on Friday evenings I now play badminton with a bunch of people :-) Its good exercise and also a fun way to meet new people!! 

What else has happened? mon cours de français est terminé et j'ai passé mon examen! I am doing my best to practice regularly but a lot of times I forget. I am trying to do the exercises in www.languagesonline.org.uk. It’s really quite helpful and has other languages like Spanish and Italian, incase anyone is interested in learning a language.. I am thinking of retaking the same French class next year to help solidify my knowledge of French verbs, as well as present and past tense! 

I will do my best to update my blog regularly from now, but no promises ...



otherwise called stop trying to help God...

I know I'm guilty of trying to 'help God' in a lot of areas in my life. A friend of mine visited yesterday and as we gisted she reminded me of the freedom, peace and trust that comes from completely relying on God. The business of trying to 'help' God is not the easiest thing in the world, its very hard!!

Cause you have to constantly think up and rethink up stuff when the plans go awry and the like.Now, I'm not advocating that we all just sit down and relax and 'let God sort us out', we have to get on with what He's called us to do.. I got sent this poem in Uni and I think it explains better the stuff I'm trying to pass across. I'm not entirely sure you wrote the poem (someone said Lauretta Burns)

As children bring their broken toys 
   with tears for us to mend, 
I brought my broken dreams to God, 
because He was my friend. 
But then, instead of leaving Him, 
in peace, to work alone; 
I hung around and tried to help, 
with ways that were my own. 
At last, I snatched them back and cried, 
"How can you be so slow?" 
"My child," He said, 
"What could I do? 
You never did let go."

Like I said, its not the easy to 'help God' but its even harder to let go of the reins and trust in His divine plan for your life; to trust that He loves you too much to let you fail; to trust that He will never leave you or abandon you. But I choose to surrender everything and let Him do His perfect work in me.....

One of those mornings

This morning was one of those mornings.....

The one where you think you set your alarm to snooze for 10 minutes,
only to wake up an hour and 30 minutes later
to find out that you had actually turned it off....

The one where your toilet flusher,
which a plumber had come a week earlier to repair,
decides to spoil again,
and you spend an extra 10 minutes in the bathroom trying to temporarily fix it....

The one where you change your mind about what to wear to work twice
and end up wearing what you had picked up to wear in the first instance..

The one where you do not prepare for work the night before
by packing up your bag and making lunch
so you end up shoving everything in your bag
including two slices of bread
and dashing out to catch the bus...

The one where you’re relieved you got to the bus stop on time
and then reach into your bag to get your bus pass,
only to find that you forgot to put it in your bag along with your coin purse..

The one where you dash back to the house,
dash being an understatement, since you had decided to wear a pencil skirt
and hence you can’t actually dash,
to try and pick up your bus pass in the hopes of still meeting the bus...

The one where the bus passes as you are just on your way back...

The one where you decide to wait for the next bus due in 10 minutes...

The one where the bus does not show up...

The one where you finally get on the bus 30 minutes later
to find out you have to stand because the bus is full with school children...

The one where you’re still determined to have a good day despite the crappy morning you’ve had...

Matchmaking: To agree or not to agree???

So I'm chatting with a new friend of mine and she asks those dreaded words, that gives me shivers, 'are you single?'

I freeze.... and no folks, its not what you think, I don't dread it cause I have to answer yes to the question, I am single and although I do get the occasional bouts of loneliness, I have come to enjoy and appreciate this stage of my life, knowing that when it ends, I'll probably look back and miss it. 

Where was I? I froze cause matchmaking makes me cringe... the thought terrifies me; it along with internet dating and guys 'chasing' me aggressively causes me to break out in hives.. It just makes me feel like I've been set up and everyone including him, knows!!! I'm from the school of thought that believes that things between me and my significant other, wherever he may be, will happen naturally, (although at the same time it may result in someone coming to visit you, not talking to you and then eating all your food, and then letting you pay for the taxis........that my friends, is a gist for another day).

I understand, and people tell me all the time, that you have to keep all channels open, and that you never know where 'the one' ( I put it in parenthesis because I don't believe that there is any one person in the whole wide world for you to marry) will come from. But at the same time, I also believe that I should do 'me' - do what I feel comfortable with. But I still get the whole 'try something knew, be bold, venture out and the like' and so I don't know whether I should attempt it or maintain my 'just do me' mantra and stick with it??

Moving to the next issue, I posted this quiz a couple of weeks ago and I got some interesting feedback from the folks that occasionally by.... My issue: when I'm talking with someone, i.e. getting to know the person to see whether there's anything there, I tend to focus on that conversation alone and I can't talk with any other person at the same time... That's just the way I am- I have tried it before and I ended up calling one of the guys by the other one's name! It wasn't pretty folks, that's all I can say, and safe to say, I never heard back from him after that convo! So I tend to focus on just one conversation and see what happens and then move on from there....

So my question folks, is what is your opinion on matchmaking?? And your views of just sticking to talking to one guy at a time??

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