An update

Apologies for the time away, you who occasionally pass by... I never intended to be away for this long, it just kind of happened- kept on meaning to write something and kept pushing it back or in some instances, coming up with nothing worth writing about.. 

I came to the point where I wasn't sure if writing a blog was for me and I wanted to spend time and review why I blog- my blog started as an outlet for my poetry and then drifted off into a place where I share my experiences and thoughts. I still have loads of experiences and thoughts to share so I guess I'll still be here for the time being :-) 

A lot has happened since I was away- the London Olympics- went to see the women's football match between Great Britain and Cameroon, and even got interviewed by BBC World service cause my friends and I were the only Cameroun supporters; I got a lot of flack on Facebook for carrying a Cameroonian flag but like I said to the flack-dishing folks, I'm African, get over it!! 

The by-product of the Olympics is my resolve to get into playing some form of sports, I occasionally play table tennis at work but I was looking for something more cardio-intensive; I had previously tried both tennis and squash and that didn't go too well, so on Friday evenings I now play badminton with a bunch of people :-) Its good exercise and also a fun way to meet new people!! 

What else has happened? mon cours de français est terminé et j'ai passé mon examen! I am doing my best to practice regularly but a lot of times I forget. I am trying to do the exercises in It’s really quite helpful and has other languages like Spanish and Italian, incase anyone is interested in learning a language.. I am thinking of retaking the same French class next year to help solidify my knowledge of French verbs, as well as present and past tense! 

I will do my best to update my blog regularly from now, but no promises ...



Che said...

I was among those that harassed you on facebook for not waving our naija flag :-p... Welcome back dear and try not to disappear for too long. Yaayyyyyy @ unveiling yourself, but that picture doesn't do you justice jor. We want to see your full and pretty face.

Gee said...

Lol!! Thanks dear, the picture choice was very intentional- not sure I want to be unveiled yet ;-)

Toinlicious said...

Welcome back. Congratulations on passing your French course. I need to up my french too

Gee said...

@ Toin, Thanks dear!!

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