Matchmaking: To agree or not to agree???

So I'm chatting with a new friend of mine and she asks those dreaded words, that gives me shivers, 'are you single?'

I freeze.... and no folks, its not what you think, I don't dread it cause I have to answer yes to the question, I am single and although I do get the occasional bouts of loneliness, I have come to enjoy and appreciate this stage of my life, knowing that when it ends, I'll probably look back and miss it. 

Where was I? I froze cause matchmaking makes me cringe... the thought terrifies me; it along with internet dating and guys 'chasing' me aggressively causes me to break out in hives.. It just makes me feel like I've been set up and everyone including him, knows!!! I'm from the school of thought that believes that things between me and my significant other, wherever he may be, will happen naturally, (although at the same time it may result in someone coming to visit you, not talking to you and then eating all your food, and then letting you pay for the taxis........that my friends, is a gist for another day).

I understand, and people tell me all the time, that you have to keep all channels open, and that you never know where 'the one' ( I put it in parenthesis because I don't believe that there is any one person in the whole wide world for you to marry) will come from. But at the same time, I also believe that I should do 'me' - do what I feel comfortable with. But I still get the whole 'try something knew, be bold, venture out and the like' and so I don't know whether I should attempt it or maintain my 'just do me' mantra and stick with it??

Moving to the next issue, I posted this quiz a couple of weeks ago and I got some interesting feedback from the folks that occasionally by.... My issue: when I'm talking with someone, i.e. getting to know the person to see whether there's anything there, I tend to focus on that conversation alone and I can't talk with any other person at the same time... That's just the way I am- I have tried it before and I ended up calling one of the guys by the other one's name! It wasn't pretty folks, that's all I can say, and safe to say, I never heard back from him after that convo! So I tend to focus on just one conversation and see what happens and then move on from there....

So my question folks, is what is your opinion on matchmaking?? And your views of just sticking to talking to one guy at a time??


Uche (@UcheAnne) said...

Hmm, I dunno...

I think if I know that it's matchmaking, I'll be slightly uncomfortable and even more self-conscious than usual, so I don't think it's for me.

But hey, if you're up for some adventure... it is good to try new things.

Anonymous said...

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